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Your trainer arrives prepared with a workout routine that satisfies your wants and needs. During your in-home training session, the trainer will monitor your form and intensity of each exercise.

Devin L. Patterson
My Doctor told me I was "morbidly obese" translation "you're killing yourself." Thanks to Camille and her personalized program, in less than 10 months I went from 305 to 230lbs-235lbs, 3XXX to XL, 46-48 inch waist to 38-40, and a 56 suit down to a 48. I am off of my high blood pressure medication, I am no longer pre-diabetic, my cholesterol levels are normal, and my energy levels are (according to my numbers and Camille) that of a person in their mid-20's (I'm in my late 40's), needless to say my wife isn't complaining!

In short Camille may have saved my life. Camille has created a program (from a scientific perspective) in diet and exercise that is unmatched. My results (numbers) speak to Camille's level of expertise, her commitment as a trainer, and more importantly, the effectiveness of her program. The only negative has been the fact that I have had to replace my entire wardrobe!
Ashley Moorefield (29)
Camille is such an amazing trainer! She is passionate about fitness and it shows. I've been training with her for 3 months and I've lost 25 pounds. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm. Her training style and meal plans are perfect for people from all walks of life. As a wife, mother, business owner, and mobile clinician, my life is totally unpredictable. Camille's flexible hours and nontraditional training style was just what I needed. She created an effective meal plan suitable for my constant life on-the-go. Everything about her work with her clients is custom. The best thing about Camille is that she is not just concerned about your physical fitness but takes a true interest in your overall wellbeing.

Camille's enthusiasm is contagious. She has a way of convincing you that you love to work out and before you know it, YOU ACTUALLY DO! She has motivated me to push past my perceived limits and has exposed a new me.

If you are serious about changing your life and getting or staying healthy, Camille's Fitness is the way to go!

A forever client,
Ashley Moorefield
Jill Leonello (38)
I cannot say enough about Camille! I came to her almost 3 years ago looking to improve my physique through diet and exercise after having 3 kids. My goal was to complete a half marathon. She taught me so much about nutrition and developed a plan for me that still enabled me to eat the sweets that I love, but in moderation. I saw results within a couple weeks of working out. I'm happy to say that I've run numerous 5k's, 10k's, 10 mile races and even a full marathon. The best part is I never got injured or felt pain after training for races. She always made sure I was well prepared. You can count on her to be available anytime to answer questions too. She'll become one of your best friends! I'm so blessed to have met her!
I needed to lose 15lbs in a very short amount of time... Camille immediately understood my needs and understood how to get me to my goal. She didn't give me a cookie cutter plan... She gave me a customized plan which fit my schedule, my strengths, my weaknesses, and my body type. Never having done anything like this I had a million questions and Camille made herself available to answer them all via text, email, or phone around the clock. She would even recommend options at a restaurant if I was going out to eat! All this helped me to meet my goal on time and having had so much success I decided to continue her plan. I ended up losing 30lbs in about 3 months. Camille is fantastic to work with and is extremely helpful. I highly recommend you try her programs!
Competing on stage as a Figure Competitor was a long time coming for me. In 2011, I had to quit training for my first show just 30 days out because I went through a separation and divorce. After taking a year off to heal emotionally, I searched high and low for the best Coach I could find. Not about to let my dream of competing go unrealized, I wanted to work with someone who had personally been under the lights. Eventually my prayers were answered and I found Camille's website. We set up our initial consultation and within minutes realized I had found the BEST. Camille walked into my home with a physique showing she knew her stuff without having to say one word. With each session, she demonstrated just how intelligent and knowledgable she was in the field. She made sure I understood everything and was ALWAYS available when I had questions. Thanks to Camille, not only did I make it to the stage… but took 1st place as a Novice! I continued working with Camille for my second show and with her expertise won 1st place in the Elite division! That win advanced me to the Pro show where I took 2nd runner-up.

Thanks to Camille, I didn't just reach my goals… I exceeded them!"
Lois L (62)
I needed to write to you this morning because I hit my target weight! When we met last August my goal was to get to 135 and your target weight for me was 130. This morning I reached that 130 mark. I am so excited--thank you for an eating plan I can finally stick to and isn't that hard. The best part is I feel wonderful--no aches, pains. So, it's time to meet with you again and get to toning! Thanks, again, for your help
Melissa Richey
Camille was a 40th birthday gift from a great friend who had been working out with her for over a year. I turned 40 and all of a sudden realized that my work outs had less energy and although I had always been a runner so I could enjoy eating whatever I wanted, my body at 40 was not so much in compliance with that approach anymore! : ( I felt I had a window to make some changes before hitting menopause when I knew things would only get tougher. In the 6 weeks I followed Camille's diet regimen and work out routines, I increased my lean muscle mass, decreased my body fat and took 6 inches off my measurements. AMAZING!! And working out felt great again!

I cannot say enough about her nutritional insight and knowledge! My consult generated a lot of interest among my 40+ friends that she was kind enough to give a group of us a nutrition lecture and then do assessments on all who attended. Nothing wrong with trying to age as gracefully as possible and having the accurate knowledge from an expert to accomplish great health the right way!!!
Dana Snyder
I am so glad I "stumbled" across Camille's website when searching for a personal trainer. We worked together for only 4 months, but within that time I was able to go from 33% body fat to 24%. Incredible!

Luckily, my diet was decent to begin with so there was little to change there, but with Camille's help, I finally knew what to do when I worked out. I've been exercising for years without ever getting close to my goals. Camille not only provided a different routine every week, she would explain why I was doing what I was doing. For me, it made it all click. I understand so much better now how my body works and how to keep moving toward my goals, on my own.

She's wonderful to work with and there is no doubt that I would hire her again.
Dr. Gregg Weidner
Camille is bright and an exceptional teacher and trainer. Constantly monitoring your progress and innovating such that sessions remain new.
Jake Wheatley
Great trainer with a real passion for the client reaching their potential. Very knowledgeable and committed to working with you and reaching your desired goal. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone wanting to change their life for good!
Andrew Baram
I have only been training with Camille for a few months, but I already see a big difference in my body and am definitely getting stronger.

While the work-outs are not easy, I appreciate how my body is responding.
Carol Evans, M.D. of Fox Chapel
I have been working with Camille's Fitness for nearly 5 months now. She is amazing! She has pushed me as much as she can with many new and varied routines to keep me interested. I feel much better than I have felt in years. I am in much better shape and can do things that I have not been able to do for quite some time. I had been working out on my own both at home and at the gym along with dieting for a few months before I started working with her. I made significant improvements on my own with weight loss and stamina and no longer needed any of my prescription medications by the time I started with her. However, when I started with her, she really pushed me so hard that I really improved at a faster rate even though I hardly went to the gym since I did not have time and was traveling.

She also worked with my 81 year old mother who had balance problems. Camille showed great creativity to get my mother to her best possible functional status taking into account her 81 year old bones and flexibility. I think that I am more impressed with what Camille was able to do for my elderly mother than the great things that she accomplished for me. I think that she did more for my mother than physical therapy had with it's limited number of visits allowed by insurers. There are studies that the elderly who work out have less health problems like falls. More elderly patients can certainly benefit from her services.

I recommend Camille's Fitness without reservation!!!
J.D. Daw (Actor, Forever Plaid)
Camille Clarke at Camille's Fitness is by far the BEST trainer in Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh Area. She trains the Steelers for cryin' out loud! Enough said! Camille gets results. In just five months, I lost ten pounds and cut my body fat percentage in half. My heart is in the shape of its life as well. If you are looking to change not just your physical appearance, but your health in general, Camille is the trainer for you.
Rachelle Jagielski (50)
I was going on a trrip to the beach, I was looking for close to wear, when I realized I needed to workout. I decided to try Camille, within 1 month I dropped 20lbs and 2.5 inches off my waist, arms and legs. I continued to workout with Camille because everytime I see someone I have not seen in a while they tell me how slim I look. I am glad I called Camille's Fitness.
Gina Hall (23)
Weight is something I think I have always had in back of my mind. What girl doesn't? I really didn't need to lose much weight, but Camille's Fitness helped me lose those unwanted pounds and tone up to the body that I have always wanted. The workout and diet plans that they personalize for you, is a great way to get the cardio and strength training you need at home, without having to waste your time on a treadmill or machines at the gym. I know when I am done with work, going to the gym is the last thing I want to do. I hate waiting in lines and doing the same old machines. Camille's Fitness is an easy and a fun way to get that body you have always wanted!
Donald Speakman of Country Club Estates, owner of Speakman Financial Group
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Camille @ Camille's fitness. She has personally designed a program to help me accomplish my goals. I have worked with her for about 9 months, 5 days a week and have been very pleased with my results. I am 56 years old and feel like I am in the very best shape of my life. My weight, body fat, and muscle build up overall are the best they have ever been in my adult life. I feel great. I can enjoy 2 hours of singles in tennis and still feel great. Many of my clients have commented about how good they think I look. I'm back in some of my clothes I had not been able to wear for over 10 years. It feels wonderful to achieve my goals. Thank you Camille.
Yvonne Hudson (48)
I was having severe back pain, i was seeing a chiropractor but it was not working. Someone told me that if I strenghten the muscles in my back the pain will go away, that's when I hooked up with Camille. It's been months and now I can stand straighter and walk for a longer period of time. The pain is still there, but now I can do more than ever before.
Lakeisha M. Rankin. (20)
It was my first year in college and I gained weight fast, about 25lbs. I have been training with Camille for about a month and I lost 15lbs, plus now I have the definition I always wanted in my arms.
Dwight Payne (31)
Camille's Fitness is great, I needed to build up muscle strength and lose weight. At first I was skeptical, because instead of using weights she had me using bands. I was wrong, this workout was harder than any weights I ever lifted. Within one month I incresed my weights by 10lbs. I can now bench press 235 lbs.
Sheryl Baxter (25)
I lost 15lbs within 2 months, I have been trying for about 3 years to shed those freshman 15. I have learned so much from Camille's Fitness, that I was able to keep the weight off with her not here with me anymore.
Michelle Harding (27)
I was planning on running my first marathon. I was so out of shape. When Camille came to do my fitness assesment, I could hardly finish the 12 minutes test. After the first month when she did the test again I was able to stay at 5 mph throught the entire 12 minutes. Then after 5 months I was able to run at 7.5 mph for 25 minutes. The last week before the marathon we decided to do a 5K up until the marathon. I was ablet to finish the 5K the last day in 45minutes. I was so excited. I have never been in such good shape as I am now.
Aviance Taylor (21)
I am very pleased with the services of Camille's Fitness. I received personalized attention and assistance during my workout sessions as well as with monitoring my calories and diet. I lost 15 lbs. and several inches in 4 weeks. I feel more toned and much healthier than before.

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