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If you just want to learn how to lift weights, count reps, and follow a diet, then any fitness trainer will do. However, if you want the body you've always dreamed of having, or want to feel the way you always wanted to feel, then you need a truly personalized program developed by experienced, caring professionals. You need Camille's Fitness.

what we offer...
Camille's Fitness provides an array of proven services. Learn more about our services by clicking on them in the list below...
  • Figure Competition Prep
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitative Training
  • Functional Training
  • Senior Citizen Training
  • Childrens Fitness
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
Due to the success of our Women, Menopause and Weight Loss seminar we have decided to make this one of our program. Get educated about the changes that occur hormonally starting at 35 and that increases and pushes you into perimenopause and then menopause. Learn why your gaining fat around the midsection and overall weight gain. Learn how to workout and eat smarter rather than longer. We have had multiple success with this program and would like to make it available to any woman who would like to get a group of her friends together. After the seminar each person gets evaluated individually and receive an overall fitness evaluation with a recommended nutritional program and workout program. Limit on Class 12. Each person $150.00

Before you can begin our on-line coaching program you will be sent an in-depth nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire that will be reviewed. The questionnaire allows us to assess your biochemical individuality based on things such as your current diet, health history, past metabolic damage, digestive health, stress levels, toxic load, sleeping patterns, blood type and nutrition and lifestyle goals. This allows us to create the most comprehensive contest prep plan that best suits your metabolism, body, lifestyle and individualized needs.

Next you will have a Skype session to discuss the results of this questionnaire, and then we will formulate your custom diet and exercise plan. Each week we will assess your current plan and progress, through progress pictures, weekly Skype sessions, e-mail and text support, and make any necessary changes to make sure you never plateau, and to ensure you continue on your journey towards becoming the healthiest, happiest, strongest version of yourself throughout your entire contest prep journey.

Due to requests in face-book for Online training I have decided to add this new program for competitors or clients who want nutritional and workout advice who live in a different area. Please email me camille@camillesfitness.com for more info prices range from $150.00/mo to 12 week programs at $699. This is perfect for competitors and distant clients!

If you want to add a buddy or more to your exercise. For each additional person that is in the group each person saves 15% off each package.

Camille's Fitness Nutrition Program is scientifically base. Recent blood work is evaluated and Bio-signature Modulation is used to figure out the best diet to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Camille is a certified Bio-Signature Modulation Specialist. Bio-Signature modulation was created by world renown Strength and Conditioning Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin. Bio-Signature Modulation is a systematic approach to losing unwanted body fat. With this program you can choose a 12 week transformation or Monthly Nutrition Program. A face to face meeting with Camille, about 45min, will be set up to go over goals and prior fitness history as well as current lifestyle. If you have your most recent blood work or are currently on medication Camille will evaluate. Measurements will also be taken for baseline results. You will then receive a tailored diet and optional workout routine. Every week client will check in with weight and any information needed to assess if any changes need to be made, based on likes or dislikes. During the entire process Camille will support you on your journey to health and fitness. Feel free to email or text her once the program is started. The diets last 4 weeks and every 4 weeks another face to face evaluation will occur, if you chose not to go any further then you do not need to schedule another appointment. If you sign up for the 12 week Transformation then every month for 3 months you will have a scheduled meeting.

Monthly Nutrition Program

12 Week Transformation

If you don't live in Pittsburgh, don't worry Camille has clients in North Carolina, Texas, Florida and other states. Since you do not live local, then recent blood work will be used as well as information provided via email or over the phone. You will receive a questionnaire with questions. A phone consultation will be scheduled so Camille can get to know you better and create a relationship. Weekly weight check in and bi-weekly pictures. Every month a new phone consultation will be scheduled to go over the program.

Dietitian Phone Consultation $100.00

about our services... 
5 Sessions Per week ($1200/month)
- 5 one on one 45 minute sessions per week
- Individualized Diet Plan
- Supplement Plan

4 Sessions/month ($960/month)
- 4 one on one 45 minute sessions per week
- Individualized Diet Plan
- Supplement Plan

12 Sessions/month ($900/month)
- 3 one on one 60 min per week
- Individualized Diet Plan
- Supplement Pan
- Cardio homework

8 Sessions/month ($640/month)
- 2 one on one 60 min per week
- Individualized Diet Plan
- Supplement Pan

4 Sessions/month ($400/month)
- 1 one on one 60 min per week
- Individualized Diet Plan
- Supplement Pan
- Cardio homework
- Motivational Text Messages
- Training Program to do on your own


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